A personal hand carved inscription is a unique way to provide a lasting feature or tribute.




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We specialise in crafted designs, created by artists using traditional techniques dating back almost 2000 years. Sign-making, as we know it, got its start in ancient Rome, which always had a taste for public lettering. The Romans developed a perfect alphabet for the job. Though it initially comprised Greek letterforms, this alphabet was quickly adapted and reshaped for writing the Latin language.

Traditional Woodcarving and Stone carving - Carried out by hand. No machinery is used in our work.

We use no computer aided design and therefore create the verve and sparkle that embodies good freehand lettering.

We carry out woodcarving in all hardwoods from Ash to Yew.
From unique headstones, plaques & signs to memorial features that celebrate, in words and images of simplicity and grace, the unique life of the person they commemorate




We work closely with you to help you find the shape & type of stone, & the words & images that best express the required finished work. 


From simple name & dates - to a poem or meaningful quote of the customerís choice can be carved by a British craftsman of high-quality.


To see our range of standard headstones, see the gallery of memorials or contact us for further details.